Why Opod?

Because the choice is yours!

At Opod, we believe that the ideal refillable capsule should have Maximum Capacity and be Most Compatible with Nespresso Originaline machines.

Thanks to Opod Refillable Coffee Capsule, making a great cup from freshly ground coffee is absolutely

Simple, Affordable and Sustainable.

Most Compatible with

Nespresso Originaline Machine

The aluminum foil is the most compatible filter with Nespresso machine. As the result, your coffee is properly extracted with thick crema.

Maximum Capacity

Thanks to extra slim but durable stainless steel, the capacity of Opod is around 99% of the original capsule.


The more ground coffee, the better the Espresso shot!


Easy to refill. Easy to brew. Easy to clean.

No more mess up with the sticker foil. 

The paper filter can be alternatively used for tea.


The simple foil lid can be easily prepared by our Opod puncher or with a scissors.

No sticker foil is needed. No recurring cost!

Enjoy the real taste of coffee from around the world and Each day only pay for the bean.


To support environmental sustainability, using Opod significantly reduces the consumption of disposable coffee pods.

Safely use

Only high quality food grade materials are used to make Opod Capsule: 304 Stainless steel, food grade silicone ring.


Each Opod is safely finished with medical cleaning technique.

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Opod capsule is compatible with Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines only.